I’ve never loved you any more than I do now, right this second. – Kami Garcia

It can be easy to fall into a rut in any relationship, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Making your loved one feel special reminds them of their importance to you. It’s always important to say I love you but showing that you mean it makes it real.

When it comes to making someone feel special, little things mean a lot. Everyone expresses their love differently but there are always simple things that you can do to add spice and keep your relationship alive and flourishing.

Here are some tips to help you show your partner how much you really care— every single day.

Pay attention

• Look them in the eyes— when you speak or listen to them.

• Truly listen to you partner—give them your undivided attention.

• Speak kindly to them every day— say I love you, good morning, goodbye, and good night.

• Remember important dates.

• Appreciate their advice—it says that you rely on them and they have a place in your life.

Pay them a compliment

• When you are alone together.

• In front of others.

• In front of their friends.


• Hold/squeeze their hand.

• Touch their arm.

• Put your arm around them.

• Kiss them.

• Whisper in their ear— hearing the one that you love say, I will always be with you, is magical.

• Be affectionate in public.


• Make their birthday special—do something new.

• Show that you are proud of their victories—large or small.

• Keep anniversaries and holidays alive and memorable—do something they like.

Make time to be together

• Turn off the electronics.

• Tune out distractions.

• Start a conversation about something new, that is not about finances, family or friends.

• Share something they may not know about you.

• Ask them to do the same.

• Look at old pictures together.

• Play a board game.

• Make a new photo album or scrapbook— together.

Commit random acts of kindness

• Bring home their favorite desert.

• Cook their favorite meal.

• Do a chore for them.

• Open the door for them.

• Hold their hand, hug or kiss them in public.

• Give them a back rub or a foot rub.

• Surprise them with something they like—add some spice.

• Be kind to their friends and relatives.

Be extra-ordinary

• Be creative— experience new things together.

• Be spontaneous— send them a silly photo of you.

• Don’t let your love life become an old fashioned love song.

Put it in writing

• Leave a handwritten love note in their sock drawer— or any unexpected place.

• Write a short poem for them—you could start with roses are red…

• Write something you appreciate about them on a post-it note— put it where others can see it.

• Make a handmade sign for their birthday or an anniversary—be sure to have their name on it.

• Send them a text or email— about something that supports or includes them.

Keep in mind, you can stay true to the person you are and still make the other person feel important. It’s not just what you SAY but also what you DO that makes your feelings real to someone you love. Small gestures are wonderful reminders that you are thinking of them enough to show it.

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